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In 2001 Scott joined the Star Trek franchise as the Captain Jonathan Archer, the first Starship captain.  After exploring deep space, saving Earth from annihilation and helping to found The Federation his voyages were terminated but he will live on in our hearts and he's out there somewhere!






      First Captain


Seasons 2 3 and 4




Season 1

Strange New World Terra Nova The Andorian Incident
Broken Bow Fight or Flight Strange New World Unexpected Terra Nova The Andorian Incident
Civilisation Fortunate Son Silent Enemy Doctor's Orders
Breaking The Ice Civilization Fortunate Son Cold Front Silent Enemy Dear Doctor
Shadows of P'Jem Shuttlepod One Fusion
Sleeping Dogs Shadows of P'Jem Shuttlepod One Fusion Rogue Planet Acquisition
Detained Vox Sola Desert Crossing
Oasis Detained Vox Sola Fallen Hero Desert Crossing Two Days And Two Nights
Shockwave 1



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