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Actors Fore Actors 2012


Washington DC 18 January 2008

An Evening with Scott Bakula in aid of Ford's Theatre




Scott has appeared in many benefit shows, most notably at the Hamilton Academy of Music and has graciously met fans afterwards to chat and sign autographs and have photos taken


The following collages have been compiled from three of the Hamilton shows and a show he did in his home town of St Louis with his partner, Chelsea Field


The last three collages are from the Meet and Greet which followed Scott and Chelsea's performance of "I Do I Do" at the Hamilton Academy of Music on Friday May 20 2005 - a memorable night



My thanks to all the people who have kindly let me use their image and, of course to Scott for his patience


  Hamilton Academy 2002  

St Louis 2002 - I Do I Do


Hamilton Academy 2004



Hamilton Academy 2005




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